Pro 4 Doors, along with product manufacturers and industry professionals, have come up with a list of the most frequently asked questions concerning doors and operators. Pro 4 Doors realizes that its potential audience reaches far beyond the means of paper advertisements and brochures. To meet the need of all its clients, Pro 4 decided to bring this support section to the Internet in hopes of helping current and potential clients troubleshoot problems before calling in the "Pros".Along with the questions are the responses detailing steps you can take to get to the heart of the problem.

- Frequently Asked Questions -

Q: My door only goes down about three inches, stops and then goes back up? What can I do?
A: Try holding the button on the wall. If the door continues to go down as you hold the wall control button you may have 1 of 4 possible problems:
A. Photo eyes are out of alignment.
B. Broken wire to the photo eyes.
C. The clutch is set too sensitive.
D. A possible obstruction in front of the door or photo eyes.
Q: My door only goes up 3 to 6 inches and then stops.
A: Depending on weather conditions and age of equipment your problem could stem from any of the following:
A. Broken spring on the door.
B. Broken cable on the door
C. Safety clutch may be too sensitive.
D. Too much grease in the cold weather.
Q: The automatic opener has a mind of its own and goes up and down all by itself. What should I do?
A: Your remote control may be damaged or there could be faulty wiring. Check the following:
A. Check all of the remote controls and make sure that none of the buttons are sticking. There may be an obstruction depressing the button or the button may be broken inside the remote.
B. There may be a short in the wire that goes from the wall button to the motor. A staple, a pinched wire or two wires touching each other next to the terminal where they connect could be the problem.
C. Change the frequency or digits.
More questions and solutions to come.

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